Struggling to cope with the fast-changing world of work?
Concerned that automation & AI may replace your job?
Considering a new career but don’t know how to start?

The world of work has changed.

As you read this, automation is taking away many tasks previously done by humans.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more & more common in the workplace.

Job security is now like the good old days.

It is only a memory.

The COVID pandemic may still be raging.

But I have Good News for you!

You can thrive in this new world of work.

All you need is to ride the disruptive wave & prosper.

Start by taking career ownership. Invest in yourself and build your capacity.

If you don’t, how can you convince the hiring manager to give you a chance?

In my latest book, No Job? No Sweat!, I’ll share practical tips to help you win in your career through chapters on:

  • Turning Automation and AI to your advantage
  • Turning your know-how to income
  • Overcoming barriers to employment 
  • Acing the interview to get a job offer
  • Tips for your Career post-COVID 
  • How to win in the gig economy
  • The formula to profits in just 3 steps

And lots more…

Maybe you’re too busy to read the whole book.

No problem! I have developed the Han Career System around the book to help you succeed with 3 career options: Employee, Entrepreneur or Explorer!

You will receive a One-page Colourful Mind Map to help you grasp the key points of the book in 10 minutes.

You can use a proprietary template to create your Personal Career Action Plan with samples provided!

If you prefer learning by videos, you can access Two 60-minute Videos on “Secrets to interview-getting resumes” & “Acing the interview”, including the Notes with curated templates & interview Q&A samples!

To support you in your career journey, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook. Or simply follow me @careeryoda on TikTok to get more career tips! 

Invest in yourself & get “No Job? No Sweat!” now.

Grab the curated resources in the bonus resources link below.

The value of the Han Career System is worth more than one month’s salary, but you can get it for much less during this pre-launch period!

Buy “No Job? No Sweat!” now & maximize the curated resources to get hired! Build your rewarding career, even without a full-time job:)


About your Author

Han Kok Kwang is inspired by the corporate renaissance man ideal. Academically, he has earned both his PhD and MBA. Professionally, he has won awards for excellence from national associations across 4 different domains over 22 years. This is consistency!

  • 1997: Won the National Human Resource Professional of the Year Award with his Team, awarded by the Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI).
  • 2002: Won the Inaugural National Life-Long Learner Award awarded by Mediacorp Radio & Ministry of Manpower
  • 2017: Won the Best Personal Brand Award (Entrepreneur category) awarded by the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS).
  • 2019: Won the Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award awarded by the Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA).
  • Wrote 2 Bestsellers, “No Job? No Problem!”& “So what if you don’t have a Degree?” that inspired thousands of readers
  • Empowered & certified the Pioneer 10 batches of Employability Coaches in the Employment & Employability Institute in Singapore, who went on to assist over 40,000 Singaporeans during the global financial crisis in 2009-2010
  • Empowered more than 100,000 people from 21 countries in their career development through his books, programs and writings on LinkedIn

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